Would you like a small portrait of your furry family member for yourself or to give as a gift?  As an artist, I do many types of paintings, but one of my favorite endeavors is pleasing owners with an enduring treasure of their beloved pet.  You supply a favorite photo of your pet's precious face and I'll provide a 5x5 (8x8 matted) watercolor portrait.  $135 or $150 in 10" frame. You can commission your own small watercolor or oil pet portrait by calling 239-248-7084.  They make delightful, cherished gifts.





Many subjects call to me to be painted:  other animals, birds, still lifes.......

           Mr. and Mrs.

    Watercolor - 16 x 20, framed


         Dapple Gray

   Oil on board - 12 x 14



    Oil on board - 12 x 14


        No, No, Kitty

          Oil - 18 x 24


   Lost Kitchen Wine Cellar

        Watercolor - 5 x 8


email:  Laurengill@aol.com    

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