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Below are some of my favorite paintings through the years that have either been sold or are

            in my own collection.  Some (such as Baby Face Beltie) have prints available.

Painting - Rocks and Roses .jpg

      Rocks and Roses 

      Prints available

Baby Face Beltie
Painting - Rocks and Wildflowers.jpg

Roadside Rocks and Wildflowers

              Baby Face Beltie

                Prints available

Fanciful Fiddleheads I.jpg

            Fanciful Fiddleheads

Painting - Follow Your Dreams.jpg

         Follow Your Dreams

Painting - Misty Morning, Monhegan.jpg

  Misty Morning, Monhegan

Painting - Horse Chestnuts - Treasures o


Paintings - Out to Pasture.JPG
Painting - Hay Bales - Lauren Gill.jpg

          Hay Bales

           Old Red

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